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About Us

By turning commercial properties into desirable residences quickly and with the minimum amount of red tape, we can provide our investors with an excellent rate of return in a much-reduced timeframe. Creating calm solutions from start to finish.

When deciding on a project to undertake, we stick within strict criteria. Our developments must be perfectly matched for todays savvy investor and meet the needs of the discerning home maker. Ethical practice is always at the forefront of what we do. We don’t compromise on quality or finish and strive for a win-win result for Investors and home makers in every property we develop or rent.

Your calm gateway to development

Callm Properties Limited, a compact and finely-tuned Property Development and Investment company based in the South of England, is dedicated to ensuring that investing in development remains as stress-free as possible. So much so, that we've aptly named our company Callm!

Short Turn Around

By converting small-scale commercial units into attractive residential properties, we bypass frustrating red tape, enabling us to reward our investors more swiftly and favourably.

Minimise Stress

We provide a serene and smooth service, aiming to minimise the stress of investment, particularly in the challenging field of development. Our approach relies on highly trained and skilled professionals to accomplish this goal.

Ethical Practices

Integrity and ethical practice are at the core of what we do. It sets us apart from our competitors and offers peace of mind to our Investors.

Some of our recently
refurbished rental properties

Beautifully decorated with a light modern feel.

Ethically led and perfectly matched

Creating calm solutions for Investors and home makers