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We develop empty Commercial Properties through Permitted Development Rights. These could be anything from a light industrial unit through to an office or shop. We usually aim to make a minimum profit of £250,000 with a minimum percentage profit on GDV of 20% By renovating Class E commercial units we are able to turn around our developments quicker thereby strengthening the likelihood of a great return.

We fund our projects with a mixture of own funds and third-party investment as necessary.

If you think you know of a property that we could consider for our next project then please do get in touch.

Whilst we don’t actively search for new Investors we are always keen to discuss our future projects with those with Investment experience or knowledge of development. We currently have a small, carefully selected group of keen property Investors. We would always consider increasing this if the fit and company objectives were in line with ours. Please feel free to contact our team on the number below or email

Callm Properties Limited is over 4 years old, whilst our panel of skilled experts has a long range history of commercial development.

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